How To Breakthrough Barriers at  Lighting Speed...

Force Your Brain To Tune In To The Right Station

Whatever you do to change your perception changes your brainwaves. That’s the whole basis of why meditation, “The Secret”, etc… work. And it also explains why some people have success and many don’t. As explained in the previous section, it’s become difficult.

Drugs instantly change perception, but for obvious reasons have drawbacks and aren’t conducive to the lasting changes we are looking to make.

Enter in Brainwave Entrainment.

Delta wave frequency is between .5 to 3Hz, Theta is 3 to 8 Hz, Alpha is 8 to 12 Hz, Beta is 12 to 38 Hz, and Gamma is 38 to 42 Hz.

These frequencies are not audible to the human ear, however research has uncovered something fascinating.

If you were to play a tone (or sound) in one ear at one frequency and at the same time use a different frequency in the other ear, the brain interprets the difference and “tunes in”! Adding a visual strobe effect through special glasses causes a synergistic effect.

Light Sound Therapy with an appropriate device can step you through whatever current state you are in to your desired state in minutes. Not only that, the glasses and headphones completely block out all outside distractions (provided you don’t have a TV on full blast or you have your cell phone in your lap with the volume all the way up).

Imagine being able to go from hyper-active in a busy office to meditating like a Zen Monk in 15 minutes.

Imagine instantly changing your vibration to use Law of Attraction techniques without much effort.

Imagine being able to summon up creativity and mental focus instantly.

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