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The brain is complex. Think about how many tasks it handles without your conscious awareness, such as breathing, or seeing. Imagine if you had to think about how to breath, and monitor your breath constantly to stay alive. You wouldn’t be able to do anything else.

The subconscious mind processes about 400 billion bits of information per second and impulses travel up to 100,000 miles per hour. Your conscious mind processes only 2,000 bits of information per second and impulses travel only up to 150 mph.

Which level do you think is going to be more efficient to automatically give you what you want?

It typically takes at least 30 days for a new habit to be cemented into place. That’s because you consciously do it, repetitively, and the programming gets passed off to the subconscious to handle.

The subconscious mind is where the magic is. That’s where the “hidden” data lies. That’s where the “amazing ideas” are born. That’s where the “connection to unity” is, and on a basic level, that’s where habits consciously learned are burned in for good. Think about a baby learning to walk. Once the process is cemented in, it can just happen without thought.

Unfortunately, the subconscious takes whatever it is given, including virus programming along with creating defense mechanisms to actually stop you dead in your tracks to getting what you really want.

These programs need to be wiped out and replaced.

Affirmations are a conscious mind technique endorsed by many new-age gurus. They become extremely powerful once are much more effective once planted into the subconscious. Unfortunately, many are written, spoken, and practiced in an ineffective manner.

The traditional usage goes something like this:

1. Write the affirmation out (I am wealthy, etc…)

2. Tape it to a bathroom mirror, vision board, etc…

3. Read it every day, feeling the power and presence of already having it.

It’s a haphazard process that sometimes works.

Here’s How & The Rapid Manifestation Method Works:

1. You put on headphones and glasses eliminating external distractions and providing you with 100% focus on the intended result.

2. Your brain frequency is tuned from wherever it is to a state of receptiveness for learning and absorbing new information.

3. The new information is consciously spoken to you.

4. Your brain frequency is stepped down to a state of meditation, where the subconscious mind is accessible.

5. The information is subliminally embedded into the programming and gets planted into your subconscious.

In many cases, only steps 1,4, and 5 are required. The full-blown, high-tech Master Key System uses all five.

A Simple Subliminal Tactic So Powerful, It Was Banned

Decades ago, theater owners along with film producers figured out how to increase concession stand sales. Embedded in the movie were images of popcorn and the word “Popcorn”. They flashed so fast, the eyes couldn’t detect them, nor distract from the movie. However, the brain picked up on this, and minutes into the movies, lines were forming at the concession stands. It also worked well due to what frequency the brain was tuned to while watching the movie.

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