Why You May Be Stumped Right Now Now...

By now must of us know the desirable effects which can be achieved through Meditation and Visualization techniques such as The Law of Attraction presented in the movie “The Secret”.

But do you understand how and why it works and the reasons it may not?

It all starts with your brain.

Think of a radio tower broadcasting a signal on a specific station, say 107.1. You want to listen to classical music on 107.1, but your radio is tuned to 98.7 which is a heavy metal station. What happens?

Your brain works in a similar fashion. What you are doing or feeling emotionally alters brainwave frequency. Your brain will try to “latch on” to other frequencies around you through all five senses, but auditory and visual are the most receptive to causing change.

When you try to sleep, focus, get in a creative state, meditate, or attempt to use manifestation techniques, you are ultimately trying to adjust your brainwave frequency to the desired outcome, just like you would tune your radio to a specific station for the content you want.

Starting from the lowest frequency and up, the “dials” are Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. More on these on this page, but the bottom line is you aren’t going to be able to accelerate learning in a delta state. You won’t achieve deep meditation in an alpha or beta state, etc…

Surely you’ll agree it is difficult to impossible to come up with a creative business idea if your brain is a constant state of worry. Focus needs to shift, which on a deeper level, causes brainwave frequency to shift.

Let’s go back to the radio example.

What happens if two close towers are broadcasting different content on the same frequency? Yep, you get a jumbled mess, and unfortunately, that is exactly the world we live in today.

Have you tried to meditate or visualize positive outcomes with text alerts constantly going off in the background, social media sites demanding your attention, or other distractions? To make matters worse, frequencies from cell phone towers, negative television programming, and a long list of other background frequencies we have little control over get in the way.

Isolation used to work (even though it still took years to practice and master). It rarely does today, since most people can’t isolate themselves in the proper environment long enough to make it effective. Nowadays, your mind has a program written in it to get back to these distractions right after your brief attempt to achieve your goals. Even throughout the attempt, the constant negative programming you have received in your brain over-rides all attempts to erase it.

However, technology which has caused us to be submerged in restrictive frequencies can be used to our advantage. Even better, rapid advancements have made it possible to achieve effective results quicker than ever before.

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